Transcript of my Promotion to eGO!

PurpleNurple promoted me to eGO November 4, 2008 on eGO's Custom Maps rotation server, Sunsettown map. Here's the condump of my promotion. (I've got a garbled condump :( )

I wanted this promotion so bad, I was afraid to get too excited... until about a third of the way through. Then I just started enjoing everyone's hints.

I've stripped out all the "So and so killed whozit with OMGgun" and all that. Elipses for larger breaks between dialog.

(ADMINS) =(eG)=™ AutoDMC =[Ga]=: Why hello, PurpleNurple.
=(eGO)=™ PurpleNurple :  hiya :)
=(eGO)=™ PurpleNurple :  autodmc
=(eG)=™ AutoDMC =[Ga]= :  Yes, Pruple?
=(eGO)=™ PurpleNurple :  AutoDMC :)
=(eG)=™ AutoDMC =[Ga]= :  PurpleNurple :O
=(eGO)=™ PurpleNurple :  O my AutoDMC
=(eGO)=™ Jugg :  O my goodness?
*DEAD* =(e)=™ Dark Knight :  what happened
=(eGO)=™ PurpleNurple :  O no AutoDMC
=(eG)=™ AutoDMC =[Ga]= :  O MG?
=(eGO)=™ PurpleNurple :  O really AutoDMC
=(eG)=™ AutoDMC =[Ga]= :  Tonight seems to be O themed.
=(eGO)=™ Jugg :  O AutoDMC
=(eGO)=™ PurpleNurple :  O wow AutoDMC
=(eGO)=™ Jugg :  O sweet AutoDMC
=(eGO)=™ ¨måñ¤ :  Omg
=(eG)=™ AutoDMC =[Ga]= :  I feel like I'm missing something important.
=(eGO)=™ Jugg :  O you are
=(eG)=™ cullmann [ÜA] :  O you are O you Are
=(eGO)=¢èmåñ¤ :  O YEA
=(eG)=™ Badfish :  gOOd job autoDMC
=(eGO)=™ PurpleNurple :  O AutoDMC
=(eG)=™ Badfish :  lol
=(eGO)=™ Jugg :  O my gosh...really?
=(eGO)=™ ¨måñ¤ :  gOOd gOd finally
=(eGO)=™ PurpleNurple :  cOngrats AutoDMC :)
=(eG)=™ Badfish :  congrats
=(eG)=™ cullmann [ÜA] :  congrats
=(eG)=™ AutoDMC =[Ga]= :  I'm going out on a limb here, and thinking ... I've gotten something round?
=(eGO)=™ PurpleNurple :  Put On yOur O AutODMC :)
=(eG)=™ AutoDMC =[Ga]= :  Aww, I was enjoying you guys's O hints.
=(eGO)=™ Rellik :  /me slaps AutoDMC.
(ALL) =(eGO)=™ Rellik: WTG: AutoDMC!
(ALL) =(eGO)=™ Jugg: THROW ON THAT O AutoDMC!!
=(eGO)=™¨måñ¤ :  O my gOd
=(eGO)=™ AutoDMC =[Ga]= :  O YAY!
(ALL) =(eG)=™SLOPPIE:  awsome auto
(ADMINS) =(eGO)=™ AutoDMC =[Ga]=:  Thanks, guys!
=(eGO)=™¨måñ¤ :  grats suto
(ADMINS) =(eGO)=™¨måñ¤ :  auto*