Welcome to AutoDMC.org!

What's in a name?

AutoDMC comes from the second email address I ever owned on the internet, autodmc@delorean.com. Spam that address for a prize! (I don't care. I stopped reading it in 01)

The Auto bit stands for Automobile, although I've known people who think it stands for Automatic. It does not!

The DMC part originally stood for "Delorean Motor Company", hence my logo above!

'Course, now that I've been around the Internets for over 8 years with the same name, I just claim that AutoDMC stands for me. But that's the history!

Wanna see my Resume?

I've got a few versions:

First mention on the web!

The first time I was ever mentioned by my screenname, AutoDMC, was on Bill & Ted's Excellent Online Adventure website, the "How To" section, Ted's costume, near the bottom, poiting out the "Nutritional pudding cups" that emulate the cans seen in the movie. It's not much, but it was my first reference by this name!

Looking for
=(eGO)= AutoDMC [C2T] ?

Same guy, yep! I'm a full eGO admin over at EdgeGamers Organization! Look for me in the Team Fortress 2 division!

Have a link to my Steam ID page!

Kiloman and Limbaugh!

My first (and last) 3D animation. A "fellow" classmate stole (or accidentally pilfered) my DVD with all my source files, so I never got to go back and fix the glitches in the project... time ran out. Enjoy! A Parody of Megaman and his dog Rush. Kiloman and Limbaugh. Rimshot!

Favorite Links!

  • Starpost.org
    • Formerly the Netraptor.org community; first got interested in drawing and writing online here.
  • Hg80 Design
    • Graphic designer friend of mine.
  • EdgeGamers Organization
    • My favorite Source game clan.
  • My eGO Promotion!
    • A ingame console transcript of my promotion to eGO rank for EdgeGamers!
  • Sector 001
    • Home page for the Star Trek "simulation" (role play) group that I have a character in.
  • Password Generator!
    • Secure and sane password generator Bookmarklet by my friend RAMDAC.

My Pavatar!

Pavatar for AutoDMC

Isn't he cute? Image from the Teamfortress2.fr achievement generator, "Deleted" set.

What's a Pavatar, you ask?


Welcome to my corner of the Internets! Of all the sites I've developed and put on the internet, it's MY OWN that I've never actually ever fully built. How ironic is that?!?

I've staked a homestead on so many other parts of the internets, in fact, that I now mainly use this page just to link to my other internets bits!

Blog Screenshot

AutoDMC's Blog

Yes! My blog! Unfortunatly, I don't update it as often as I should. But this is where I dump out my thoughts. Usually focused around gaming, computer development, and economics. A short stent with political posts convinced me that I don't care enough to do a good job of it.

Gamium.org Screenshot


The missing element in game reviews. Fun.

Gamium is a game review site hatched up between a few friends and myself. We use a simple scoring system that tries to score the gestalt of the game, the general fun factor, without breaking games down into separate scores on grapics, music, etc. Games are more than the sum of their parts; hence, Gamium. Updates are a bit slow, because there's only four "full time" editors, and we all have other jobs, so games have to be played in spare time...

Missing Number Comics

Missing Number Comics!

Missing Number: Adventures in Glitch City is the primary comic under the "Missing Number Comics" label, and this is it's home. It runs Wordpress MU (called Wordpress Mew for cuteness), and the plugin Webcomic. The theme is based on an HTML template that was developed 100% inhouse, then "converted" to run on Inkblot. The comic is a Pokemon themed "sitcom," exploring the lives of the Non Player Characters who live in the fictitious Unobtanium Version of the game.

Friday Signs Screenshot

Friday Signs

At my first job out of college, I got promoted to an office with a window pointing into our production area (we were a sign and banner production shop). One day, I had some free time Friday morning, and I made a "Friday Sign", a sign which I stuck to the inside of the window with suction cups, pointing out into the production area. It was a hit, and I made a whole series up until the week I left.

Here's the archive in it's entirety, including "Print Ready PDF"s of most of the signs, in full resolution, so you can print 'em... if you wish.